Black Magic

Originally posted: March 19, 2006

Oh man, so not fun sometimes. Linking my actions through XML files. Linking my relational databases as object relational databases through XML. Having properties for my application in an XML file. Wow! XML is everywhere.

If you have 3 actions per page (minimum)….add/modify/remove…you will be adding 3 lines in your struts-config.xml file. If you have 10 pages…that is 30 lines. But wait you gotta go to the back end and set up the mappings of your spring.xml file to link ur actions to your requests to your broker.

Great now im at my broker….i gotta link my tables to make sure that my broker (using Hibernate) can call my tables.

If set up perfectly…it is the greatest thing…writing code to query stuff from the db now is one line. Linking actions is great for flexibility. But man if you screw up something or doing it for the first time…it is kinda overwhelming.

More and more i get more comfortable with it and it becomes less of a scary chore…rather black magic. Because you will be thinking….hmmm how does it know what to call….it is java’s black magic.


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