Old Skool meets New School

Originally posted: October 21, 2005

Here is my idea of interfacing the ol’ skool nintendo controllers to be wireless….there is hope.

I finally found the pin layout of an NES controller

          +----> Power  (white)
5 +---------+ 7
| x x o \
| o o o o |
4 +------------+ 1
| | | |
| | | +-> Ground (brown)
| | +----> Pulse (red)
| +-------> Latch (orange)
+----------> Data (yellow)

Now the timing diagram of how the signals are sent

Now how to send these signals over the air?
Serial transmitter

Serial Transmitter Serial Receiver

The transmitter will be interface to the controller using the serial port. And when I apply the power everything should be jus going as normal.

Time to bring my nintendo system to waterloo and acquire the parts to make the circuit.
I dont think i should be super hardcore and try to make everything from scratch. I think I will jus buy the circuit kits (wankstas styles).


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