Originally posted: November 4, 2005

Ok, long time ago when I was young I thought Radio Shack was the place to go to get parts.

Recently I went to Radio Shack to take a look at what they have to offer for electronics for hobbyist or just projects in the form of resistors, tools or parts for that matter.

I go there nothing. Lol I see a soldering iron and a few parts nothing much.

Yesterday I found out that yes there is a store where I dont have to buy 100 chips or a minimum of $50 on parts. And this store was in walking distance of the University of Waterloo.
This place was called Sayal Electronics. It was a great store. So many parts and when I started talking bout what I wanted the guy knew exactly what I was talking about and knew the price at the top of his head. Anyways I ended up buying a digital multimeter there for future uses. I needed to do more research on what to get for my project. I found out and I saw on their website that yes they had the parts. I didn’t even ask to them to ask around to different stores to see if they have it in stock. They emailed me that yes in scarborough we have 12 parts. I was like wow, great service. And through another email, the guy ordered it for me to get it shipped to Waterloo. No hassle. Good service. Now to play the waiting game for the parts of my project to come to me =).


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