Using Javascript

Originally posted: March 19, 2006

I remember when I was young javascript was used to make things look cool. Ie. menus or making things move from one side of the page to the other.

As I got to university people I knew started using the fading and animation of text to make their pages funky.

Then at work this term, I overheard, AJAX. What is this? Asynchronous Javascript with XML, Okiee…this is a pretty nice concept that is being used on alot of new pages online. Led by the force of Google and Yahoo people are jumping on this bandwagon like crazy.

I too have jumped on this bandwagon. Deciding to make my application a rich app web applicaton by using the ideas and concepts from AJAX such as drag and drop, in line editing and loading messaging. This is truly an interesting project…never knew you could have classes in javascript. lol. DHTML…i remember i was trying to learn this when i was younger. Now it comes back to the forefront. Which bandwagon did I jump on? Projects that used the Prototype.js, and open rico. (


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