It takes 9 months to make a baby

This was my first real lesson in project management, “It takes 9 months to make a baby”. The concept here is that you can’t throw more people to the situation to make the baby come out quicker.

This applies to well to programming development work. Sometimes certain tasks just will take the full estimated time and you can’t do much to speed it up. Some of these tasks come up when you are designing the initial base architecture. Other times this can happen is in environments with strict release cycles and you can only release things at certain times with little room for movement. I think this works well for industries where you have to wait for things to happen, wait for approval or wait for the exact final design to be finished.

But can you afford to sit and wait anymore? While you are waiting for something to be done someone else is going to come around and do it faster and better. In this current economy with cutbacks it seems sensible to slow down but if you slow down too much you won’t go anywhere. What else can you do in the meantime to get you you closer to that final stage while you are waiting for the final solution?

Find interm solutions, don’t just sit and wait


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