My Visual Resume: The Making Of

Design Process

I haven’t used Illustrator before so I needed figure out what I wanted to do before tackling this unknown beast. The best way to do this is to sketch and draw out the ideas and work out concepts on pen and paper.

First sketch, lots of simple graphs and concept of international locations

Final sketch, area charts, maps and title header

First Cut of Illustrator Drawings

As I converted my sketches to actual drawings I could see that some things worked and some didn’t. I thought originally that I would map out my experiences on a map but I realized that  I actually didn’t work in as many places that I thought. With some rearranging I was able to make some minor changes but keep the essence of what I wanted to show still there. Overall I was happy with the process.

Initial idea was to leave some space for the map of the world

Playing around with graphs in Illustrator

Working with Illustrator was new to me but I am so glad that people post lots of tutorials either in blog form or video form. Here are all of the tutorials I used to help create my visual resume:

To see the final resume click here.


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