What if

I was recently presented with an opportunity to change my career. This was a move I predicted in the past and was trying to build my skills to fit that area.

But I didn’t

Due to procrastination and the “busy” life, I put it aside. This opportunity passed me because I was not ready and I was a bit disappointed because this was something that I wanted to do.

What if I prepared properly? What if I didn’t go out and worked on this? What if I blogged more? What if I delivered what I had? What if I…

What if

This is a dangerous game to play because it it puts you in a negative mindset. Digging yourself out of a negative hole is harder than climbing a positive mountain. I use the word mountain here because the path to the top will not be easy, there will be boulders (obstacles) and there will be nice vantage points (milestones).
The only thing you need to focus on is to enjoy the journey up.

As for mountains, there are many of them in the world. Just like opportunities. Failing is an opportunity to learn your weaknesses. Only once you know your weakness will you be able to improve upon your weaknesses.

The question I ask now is, what if this opportunity arises again?

How will I be ready?

Extra reading
– http://sidsavara.com/personal-development/procrastination-and-excuse-buster-drop-your-if-only


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