It’s done or is it?

Working with Agile works when there is a general understanding of the tasks within the team and transparency on how progress is going on. One area that seems to cause issues is what it means to be done. When something that is not completely done the team can’t move the item forward and thus this puts the team behind on their schedule.

The Definition of Done (DOD) is something that should be established so that everyone understands what it means to be finished a task.

In the world of cooking you are assembling a dish together by having your team creating different components together. This is the same with software applications. But when you send in work that is not “done” then “it’s raw”!


What can we do to improve this scenario?

  • Establish a clear checklist of tasks that must be completed to be considered done
  • Documentation, unit tests and testings should be considered in the checklist
  • Demo to someone else for feedback/pretest prior just to get another pair of eyes on the work



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