What DIY Investors Want To Know

This blog post was originally written for Tobias & Tobias. This was the first blog article I written related to finance. It is funny to me because I spent over 7 years in the finance industry working in investment banking. I am grateful to the team at Tobias & Tobias for helping me craft my thoughts into an interesting read.

There are 23 million do-it-yourself (DIY) investors in the UK and a common tool they use to monitor their investments is the portfolio report. These are often static paper or pdf reports, or webpages behind a user log-in, linked to via a monthly, quarterly or annual email or letter.

However with all the numbers and charts, these reports are presented in a manner that requires a lot of prior financial knowledge. We wanted to know if the portfolio reports actually provide enough information to help advise investors, support their research requirements and answer questions that a DIY investor may have.

Read the article on Tobias & Tobias’s blog


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