It’s not my problem

Going through some of my draft posts, I noticed that this was not posted yet. This was a thought I had two years ago which I think it is still true.

You limit yourself when you say it’s not my problem

In my career, I noticed that some people do their job but only their job. It is fair to say that you shouldn’t take on more than you can do then you are just asking for trouble. However if the work you are doing is related and it is not much more effort to help someone else out by doing a bit extra, what is stopping you?

Managers have told me this that these individuals are selfish or not team players. I guess it boils down to whether is that the person can’t or won’t go the extra mile. “No, this is not part of my remit” is a weak excuse (I cringe every time I hear that line). If you can’t do it then at least try to help the person find the path towards the solution.


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