Controlling alcohol consumption through apps

Drinking is a common thing to do while living in London. Too much of it can be a problem. It can take a toll on your bank account and it is a slippery slope to binge drinking. NHS has a recommendation on how much you should be drinking. I don’t really think that this is the best way to approach drinking because if you go out for beers will you stop at 1.7 units? Who only drinks 70% of a beer at a pub? So how can you control your drinking? One way to approach this problem is to use an app to track your alcohol consumption. Most apps count up on the number of drinks, the problem with this is that as the night progresses and you are counting up your drinks it creates a different mentality. The mentality may change from cautious to competitive. With fitness trackers encouraging you to hit/surpass your targets. My approach to this problem is to do the opposite – counting down.

I noticed that when things of limited resources you cherish them more. With limited money you can only spend so much. With limited time you can only do so much. With limited drinks, you potentially could drink only so much.

I created an app called Drinksy to accomplish this. Rather than doing math to figure out the drink limit, the app depends on the user to set their own limit. Setting your own limit allows for realistic limits. Testing it out in real life, I noticed when people knew when they were drinking too fast. To offset this, the app suggests you to drink water to pace yourself. Also knowing that you have one drink left for the night allows you to make it count so instead of just a beer one may enjoy a nice whiskey.



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